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take the walk


noun: spacewalk; plural noun: spacewalks

  1. a period of physical activity engaged in by an astronaut in space outside a spacecraft.

  2. a meditative journey through our inner space to tap into higher creativity and potential.


SPACEWALK is home to a diverse range of storytelling. We explore the human experience and what lies beyond. Our projects have won numerous awards and have been set up with eOne, Cinema Gypsy, Fullscreen, New Form, STX, and Present Pictures.



Founder. Writer. Director.

Andrea is an award-winning film and television writer whose work has been recognized by The Nicholl Fellowship, Austin Film Festival, Film Independent, and Tribeca.

In 2014 she won Slamdance’s First Place Teleplay and the Grand Prize for her one-hour pilot SEARCH FOR LIFE, which was set up at eOne with Laurence Fishburne and Brooklyn Weaver serving as Executive Producers. Soon after, she was voted as one of the top writers on the verge for the 2015 Young & Hungry List.

In 2017 she sold her series TAKE THE NET to Fullscreen, and her one- hour pilot FRAGILE STATE won Best Drama Script at the 2017 New York Television Festival, where she also landed a development deal with Shudder TV.

Her feature project TIGER & THE LION is a 2017 WGA FEATURE PROJECT HONOREE.

Most recently she was staffed on MEMORIES LOST IN THE GALAXY, a sci- fi series for Sony International and Kung Fu Monkey, based on a popular Chinese book series.

She is a graduate of Emerson College and received her MFA in directing at The American Film Institute.

Andrea hails from Boston and is a wicked Red Sox fan.

SPACEWALK is currently expanding with creatives on both coasts.